Last call for Area Chairs — A call for Diversity!

Dear readers: [TL;DR: We need a diverse set of candidates!  Nominate someone (yourself) for area chair here!] Many of your have stepped forth to answer our call for nominations for Area Chairs.  Thank you very much for doing so!  Our experiment at crowdsourcing area chairs is going great — we have over 40 nominations thus […]

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Help us recruit the best area chairs!

As promised, we are going to make the process of selecting the
scientific program for ACL 2017 a participatory one. We’re going to start with arguably the most important decision — the selection of area chairs — and ask for your help in nominating worthy individuals (including yourself!).

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We, the PC co-chairs, decided to start a blog to document our progress in organizing ACL 2017, while soliciting your help and advice along the way.

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